Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What is a virtual tour?

A virtual tour is basically a three dimensional feeling that comes from a series of pictures taken in a panoramic fashion. They usually give the feeling of being that perticular spot while looking through a computer screen.

Virtual tours can be used within the classroom, and can be very helpful and productive in the education process. One major way that a virtual tour can be used within the classroom would be to give a virtual field trip. This to me is a wonderful idea because teachers can then "take their students on a field trip" but do it without all the hassle. With a virtual field trip, there is no need for permission slips to be signed by parents, and the teacher does not have to worry about the safety of students while away from the school building. Antoher way a virtual tour can be used would be possibly to teach a history lesson. A teacher could use a virtual tour in order to help the student understand and grasp concepts that may be foreign to them.

This website is an example of a virtual tour: http://www.uen.org/tours/
Check it out!!

PROS of a virtual tour: the number on thing to me would be safety for students, concerning field trips. They are a great way to incorporate technology into the classroom.
CONS of a virtual tour: The technology does take away from the social aspect of a field trip. Teachers shold be careful to not lose social interactions for the sake of incorporating technology within the classroom.

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