Sunday, November 29, 2009


Ethics in general usually refers to doing the right thing, or the moral principles a person has. When dealing with technology, it is important to carry oneself with a code of ethics. With that said, when using the internet or technology, one needs to be careful to used these tools in the correct manner.

As a teacher it is important to use good moral ans ethics when using technology because you are a model for the children in your classroom. You must respect the technology in order to show the students to respect the technology as well. It is also important that students understand what the internet should and should not be used for. One exmaple would be research, and writing papers. Students need to understand how to give credit to an author or publisher of something they found online. You as a teacher also need to be sure that the student is writing their own paper, and not getting a previously done paper online. All in all, teachers and students alike need to be aware of what is available through technology and world wide web, but they also need to respect it and use it for its proper use.

PROS: It does provide easy access to information for students. It also provides a way for teachers to communicate with parents, students, and other faculty.

CONS: Some teacher may overstep some boundaries when it comes to communication with a student, parent, or another faculty member. Students can also easily steal others work- with takes away the credit from someone else, and also allows them to get away with out doing any work.

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  1. You've included several important aspects of ethics: being aware of what's available, respecting it, using it properly, and knowing how to be aware/respect/use. Modeling is a way of educating our students on all these factors.