Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Teacher Web Pages

What is a teacher webpage?

A teacher webpage is a teacher's personal website in which students, parents, and other colleagues can get helpful information. Webpages are a great way to keep information available for student's who are sick or absent. They are also a great tool for parents to use to keep great communication with the teacher.

Teacher Webpages should include:
  • teacher information
  • school information
  • contact information
  • classroom rules and procedures
  • resources
All of this is important to have available on a webpage because it keeps good communication between the students, parents, and teachers.

PROS: great communication tools, very helpful for students that are absent, great information for parents (definitely needed), great information for teachers (teachers can share information with each other).
CONS: not everything can be done through the internet, and not every person has a personal computer- this can lead to miscommunication!

One great webpage to check out would be this webpage created by a fourth grade teacher, check it out!!

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  1. Very interesting. How do you plan to use a teacher web page?