Tuesday, November 3, 2009


First of all, I would like to start off with what a webquest actually is. A webquest is an "inquiry- oriented activity where information is drawn from the web". There are two different kinds of webquests- one that is SHORT and only last a few class periods, and one that is LONG and can last weeks or even a month. So why is it important for a teacher to use a webquest in his/her instruction??? Webquests are a great tool for teachers that like the well-organized web environment. Webquests are also usually challenging and something that students enjoy. Students do tend to enjoy interesting, meaningful, and organizing problem-solving tasks that are given through webquests.

PROS: incorporates technology into the classroom, challenging, focuses time on the information instead of looking for it, support's learners thinking.

CONS: not every student has a computer at home and may not have the same amount of access to the webquest as other students.

So... what do you think about webquests??? Do you like them or not? Do you think they are useful in the classroom?

Check out these websites to see what belongs in a webquest, and also hoe to make your own!



** both of these websites were given to me by a professor, so they are credible!! :)

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