Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Found a new blog!

I came across this blog, and had to share it. I found it to be very helpful and creative. It even has free lesson plans posted on it! If you are a new teacher looking for some ideas, or have been a teacher for years, this would be a wonderful blog to check out for yourself!

Take a look, and enjoy!

Helpful Blog!

I just recently found a very helpful blog for educators. It is posted by a teacher from Portugal. I found it to be very helpful because there are many different worksheets and different ideas for lessons that are posted on this blog. I would advise you to visit it and check it out... it might give you some ideas that you would not have found otherwise!

check it out!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

K12 Online Conference: 2009

Hello everyone! I was looking through the K12 Online Conferences for 2009 and came across this interesting video posted about video conferencing within the education profession. Many people find the idea of incorporating technology into the classroom to be ineffective, and improper. This video talks about the many different uses of technology, specifically video conferencing within the classroom, and how they can be useful and effective. The video also mentions how important it is for teachers to use technology properly, and it gives examples of how to do it. One specific example would be using video conferencing within the classroom, rather that taking all of your students on a field trip. Check out this video on the K12 Online Conference: 2009 website, and learn more...